Lahla Arrives in La-La-Land!

Lahla is a darling little wiggle-butt!  Her story is a sad one.  She’s had a good life but when old age started to catch up with her in the form of incontinence, her family made the decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was taken to the dogtor for her last trip but because of the dogtor’s ethics and good heart, they were pawsuaded to surrender her instead.  When I heard her story, of course I said, “Yes, we’ll take her,” without hesitation.  So this little 13-year-young lady is now looking for a home to live out the second half of her life.

IMG_4986Lahla has a weird white stripe and a burn mark on her back – a result of a reaction to flea preventative.  Maybe we could promote her as a dachskunk, a one-of-a-kind hybrid – a sweet girl who doesn’t stink!  Right now, she’s curled up in an open kennel, snoozing the evening away.  I wish I knew what she was thinking but maybe it’s better that I don’t know.  All I know is that we WILL find this wonderful senior citizen an amazing retirement home!  Rest easy, little one…FluffyButts is on the job!

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Awesom Pawssom

She's got landing gear instead of ears.

Well, it’s been 9 months since I’ve posted anything and that is going to change, starting today.  I’ve been busy working, taking care of the homeless kids and my own kids, quilting, and recovering from back surgery.  I think those are all pretty good excuses, don’t you?

Anyway, today it’s all about Pawssom.  No idea what she’s mixed with but she’s got a schnoz that goes on furever, ears that are more like handlebars, and black spots on her tongue, so your guess is as good as mine.  Pawssom is approximately 157 years young, has more health issues than Joan Rivers has had face lifts, and she’s as cute and frustrating as they come.

Getting Pawssom to take her meds is a daily challenge.  She needs two pills for her heart, a pill for pain, half a chewable table for her incontinence that she won’t chew, and a couple more chewables for her joints that she also refuses to take.  Some of the things that I’ve used to get her to take her meds are yellow cake, toast, beef stew, ham salad, cookies with peanut butter, braunsgagger, pasta, Red Lobster coconut shrimp, cheese, pizza, and a variety of other delectable yummies that the other kids would kill to get a taste of.  Still it’s a struggle to try to outsmart the old girl.

Pawssom is having trouble every day getting around but with a little help from me and lots of pawsitive thoughts and wishes from her friends, she gets where she wants to go.  This old girl has quite a fan base on Facebook and you can see more photos of her there.


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Where Have I Been?!

Well, it’s been 2 months since I’ve written anything here.  I wonder why that is.  Ok, I KNOW why that is…I’ve been busy.  Been working and quilting and taking care of my own kids and the homeless fluffy butts who have come and gone.  I’ve had several grrrrrreat adoptions – Scampi and Tila found a home together, Emma and Harley found a home together, and not last, but certainly not least, Bronx and Giz found a home together!

Bronx and Giz found a wonderful new home! Together furever.

Tila and Scampi found an amazing home that was willing will to love both of them at the same time.

Brother and these two

Harley and Emma will live out their lives together in a grrrrrreat home!

Then came Brinklee, a sweet but mostly-hairless Westie girl.  She went to a foster home and made it her own for the rest of her life.

Brinklee found love with her foster family.

Brinklee found love with her foster family.

So what this tells me is that there are plenty of homes with room enough in their hearts and homes for two at a time!

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Been a long time…

Been a long time…

…since I’ve posted anything here.  Lots of things have been going on so I guess that’s a good excuse, no?  Kids have been finding homes, more kids have checked into Hotel Jordan, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of quilting.  My Elmo is in the hopsital (yes, that’s exactly how we say it and spell it at my house) but he’s being well taken care of.  Tolsi is lost without him but she’s forging on, keeping his place in the bed warm.

I’m going to try to keep up with this a little better but as I’ve discovered, my other blogger friends are in the same boat…life happens and the blog gets pushed to the back burner.  I think that’s a good thing, though, don’t you?  Pawticipate in life as it happens and write about it when you can.

I just love seeing these two together.


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Yorkiestock 2012

Yorkiestock 2012

Yorkiestock 2012 was the 10th successful Yorkiestock here at Hotel Jordan. We raised a little over $3000, despite the rain in droughty Iowa.  (I know droughty isn’t a word but hey, it’s my blog, right?) Our guests came from as far away as Tennessee.  Yep, Danny and Susan Sanders and their four adorable yorkies showed up and I had no idea they were coming!  Danny and Susan put together the doggie condo – check ’em out:

“Hey, Danny…I got an extra piece here. Chris won’t notice.”

Leslie, Jim, Youkie, and Winnie (aka Sqoot!) surprised C@ but I knew they were coming so I got to be catch C@’s surprised look!

That blur in Lesley’s arms is Winnie. Winnie was pretty much of a blur the whole time she was here. That little girl didn’t stop for a second!

Check out the entire photo album below and pawmise yourself that you won’t miss next year’s Yorkiestock!!

Yorkiestock 2012 – July 25-30
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Harley and Emma

Brother and sister…love these two

I’m not sure why no one has even asked about these two but they are just about pawfect.  They rarely bark, they potty outside, and they sleep under the blanket all night long.  They’re healthy and wonderful and funny.  These two could not be any better or any cuter so why haven’t they found a home yet?!

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Sweet Apple

Our little Apple is adorable! Just look at those eyes! Apple would love to find a home that has the time, patience, and willingness to help her learn all she needs to learn to fit into a family. She loves to play and she loves to cuddle. She’s still a bit shy when you approach her to pick her up but as long as you go slow, she’s fine. She will snuggle up under your chin and loves getting a back massage. She plays with Jackie, Romeo, and Kiwi and when they start doing hot laps, get out of the way!

I love this little one!

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