Lahla Arrives in La-La-Land!

11 Oct

Lahla is a darling little wiggle-butt!  Her story is a sad one.  She’s had a good life but when old age started to catch up with her in the form of incontinence, her family made the decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was taken to the dogtor for her last trip but because of the dogtor’s ethics and good heart, they were pawsuaded to surrender her instead.  When I heard her story, of course I said, “Yes, we’ll take her,” without hesitation.  So this little 13-year-young lady is now looking for a home to live out the second half of her life.

IMG_4986Lahla has a weird white stripe and a burn mark on her back – a result of a reaction to flea preventative.  Maybe we could promote her as a dachskunk, a one-of-a-kind hybrid – a sweet girl who doesn’t stink!  Right now, she’s curled up in an open kennel, snoozing the evening away.  I wish I knew what she was thinking but maybe it’s better that I don’t know.  All I know is that we WILL find this wonderful senior citizen an amazing retirement home!  Rest easy, little one…FluffyButts is on the job!

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